Will Turner Costume

Below are the photos of the costume that I feel show all parts of the costume fairly well. Click on each for a larger picture.



Starting from the shoes on up, this is what I have determined from the pictures so far:

I also found *this* website that had some wonderful information on the costume. This site has some of the same observations that I had made and breaks down the information very well.

I had originally planned to purchase JP Ryan patterns but since I know my husband will only wear this once, I ditched that idea. Instead, when JoAnn Fabrics was having a pattern sale, I picked up a Butterick pattern for 99 cents.

The second view... I figured I can close up the bottom of the vest, only put in 10 buttons, and change the pockets to get a vest like Will's. Then I planned on sewing accent buttons onto the pant cuffs. I am going to purchase a white or off-white billowy shirt at the Renaissance faire this summer since it'll probably be cheaper than I could make one.

I am still hunting around for a cape pattern. However, I found several online make your own cloak sites that look like they can be easily adapted for Will's cape.

Do it Yourself Cloak 1
Do it Yourself Cloak 2
How to Make a Cloak PDF

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